Saturday, November 26, 2011

Using earphone.

My fren named Hong guan.
HG call me thru skype : eh do hami?
Augustine : At home la do hami..cha siao cha ?
HG: Sunshine square pampers
Augustine: eh y got japan sound one ? Sunshine square got japanese izit..or u stand near tv izit..
HG: what??...
After few seconds.
Augustine: Yuan..soli soli...wa kui diao lasam hee

Saturday, October 22, 2011

i dream dao my boss k me
all ppl prepare schedule for subcon i didnt
wahlan need change job d

haunted my life d XDXD lol

Monday, September 19, 2011

Somebody ask me about my jobscope
I think my job has no scope
bao ka liao !!!

random shit :
ah ma on skype : hey orgertine...jiak ba liao bui
me : zz ah ma..10pm d...jiak ba at the must ask question
ah ma : got tink home bo
me : got ar sure got
ah ma : me oso tink u ma
me : TT

Saturday, September 3, 2011

yo.safra run.sai mat geng ar!

pretty excited.long time no run d...go exercise abit

Thursday, September 1, 2011

lol friction shit.

Mum : Dont alwiz drink alcohol
Me : Ok then i go puak giao
Mum : U........drink then.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seriously.totally forget about independence day.keep thinking it's a pay day.

No time to blog part III

Before i started my blog, i want to thank whoever president and all the malay that give me a precious holiday.If not i will die flat.

It's a blessing to rest on this beautiful day.Done cleaning my whole room after two is so clean now.Done my laundry.Skype with my mum ( greatest thing in the world ),hiding in an aircon room to wirte a blog....which ive leave behind for such a long time. have enough rest for tmr as need to work till 10pm.

Let's start this long blog with two jokes

What's is the word that starts with P and ends with ORN.thats rite popcorn.

It's funny that our YB say BN=Bo Nao

Lets grump abit on my working first.
I would say.Tiong seng.Money hard to earn.:D
And My pm cheated me.He said he will train me as a fresh grads.But now i know training is throw everything to you then K u.xian li hou bing.feel like give him 灵犀一指
Whats the point of holiday when your phone keeps ringing ? I dunno.
So far i never Sang sang pass 1 day leh. I want.

Kinda miss penang already. Penang has many holiday har.raya and penang heritage day.haha..
in singapore is where hardwork turns my mom said.huek lao huek di.haha

OKOK..I find it very hard to organize my blog.
can i back to the random me ?

My landlord told me a way to dry my clothes aircon cos it is anti humid.
I dunno meh. Air con mm sai chin ar ?
funny guy

I order a worker to finish off the work at makan time.
I feel so sad..ppl's 胃 worth only 10cents ?
I one order then he have to work.
No choice.

I oso met an electrician from penang.He is so nice.he asked me if he could bring me anything. I said no.
He kept smiling even when problem arise. No fire at all. Its an art. I need to learn.

I wonder how an eng educated guy can work on a site.
He sure dunno what china subcon say..Sure cannot work
Anyway if know hokkien reli advantage in sg.
But its funny that many times I cant communicate wit chinaman but bangla knows what they wants

I stay site more than stay home.I am young.but i am alwiz 命贱的泥水佬

Its funny that when it comes to a big problem..which is quite impossible to be resolved by a new guy..
My boss ask me..自己想办法.哇兰

tmr will be the last free meal in office.
No free lunch d

No matter how good a person treats u on work battlefield.
he will cover his backside..
sad that human is selfish.
I hope im not.
i believe in good deeds have good returns.

People who have insomnia shud go ----> MEETING

When can i rub the shoulders of big boss ? touching wind glass bottom with him ?
Probably when the project is full swing.

I feel funny when uncle say
Lan tao 三把火

One of the senior say...wah u upm ar
pertanian ? u shud be a farmer..( not in a joking mode )
aiks.singaporean sometimes really...although i am new and still green for everything..but the words are so mean

Singaporean oso say penang food sucks.dai lou u everytime go gurney sure pai jiak la.

I tot singaporean english very good..actually very broken haha

I saw a china couple who....
Girl hit the boy
then the guy said owwhhh..molest ar  !!
then they hugging each other like nobody business
i feel like Diao 7 them

I old d..No fire d...
Never thought i would be the person who doesnt care bout what ppl say
How ppl scold me like a dog
yell at listen there out...
Get used to it d ? I dunnno.
and sometimes another manager likes to 指桑骂魁.
oso no feeling d..
Sometimes its hard to control emotion.Say dunwan angry very easy..I still need 10secs to cool down.
Gotta train hard on that.
Need to see open abit...where working oso have problem 1..
Trying to see every1's good side...if not tis world is awful

Site many problems.chinaman steal chinaman money
even police came...
Indian fighting..........
childish Lar.

Generally we cant satisfy any1...
I saw a guy quite good with our site admin
but at the back he still complained she working slow...
Be ready to be backstabbed by anybody else in this world.

My company is doing alot of "surface kung-fu"
in fact they dont have the quality
PPL is design and build
They build and design.LOL

*small things happen* suddenly
My blog cant save and go to another page
I tot it got deleted...
Phew luckily............everything is ok
if not i sure quit writing....and tulan....

I feel that penangite shud feel very lucky to have LGE tis leader
and very grateful to lim chong eu
if it wasnt him...penang will not hav an industrial park
See ur frens in ipoh..pahang..kedah..
they have to come all they way to big city like KL..
We, penangite, at least...we can work in our own hometown..
We have a choice.think bout it.

My site got a lady engineer..
She said y every1 seems so stress
I no stress wor
diao u 9-6 sit office sure no stress la

Im a typical "eat soft no eat hard" guy
talk to me nicely pls.

Im also a guy who looking forward for breakfast and think what to eat tmr.
Tmr i will have toast

A story to be shared:
salesman : try tis
uncle : no
salesman : lai la
uncle : cheap anot
salesman : cheap
uncle : cheap thgs i dunwan.i wan expensive....
salesman : got tricked fucked up

I saw a person come interview...
another ppl come sang si....hhaa

Many ppl come here to work for the 1st pot of gold..
i got my 1st pot of few dollar only

Working is not exercise
walking on site is not exercise
becos excercise cannot slow down the speed..
u slow down u lose point
walking can slow down the pace..
another great theory from uncle.

Follow gan jue run....Feel the meaning of tis word


Bye till here 1st..